Reggae inspired instrumental tune

Any comments ?

Thx in advance


First… nice bass! Not to be too pedantic, but I’d call this “mid-tempo ska.” :wink: Very cool composition, playing, and recording

Now see, this is one I’d probably purchase if the option was available. And it’s a work-in-progress! :sunglasses:

Dude, I had this cut PUMPING

Ok … mid-tempo ska inspired instrumental tune … hehe :wink:

But hey, thx indeed twilightsong ! Yes, work in progress. Im not 100% sure if it is finished yet. Maybe i replace the (Zebra2) bell sound with Kontakt mallets. And i will try out some other minor things. Maybe …

Pumping … you mean compressorpumping ? How … ? I need to ask, im not familiar with the technique. Would love to give it a try !

Again, thanks !