Reggae/Ska/Jamaican MIDI pack??

I would love some sort of Reggae MIDI pack. Plenty of Loops out there in the market, but very little in terms of MIDI to drive your own sounds.

Ska, Rocksteady, Rockers, Steppers, One Drop.

Would love to see something from Sly Dunbar or another Reggae Drummer…

Anybody else?

Gil Sharone would be another good choice.

could be nice indeed

for the midi of drums, there are some in “addictive drums 1 or 2” … but that’s not 100 of things but maybe 2-3 different grooves but with variations !!! (i cant remember exactly how many grooves etc)

maybe if you got a friend that have AD, u could check if u can find the midi’s they use (i hope they r not encoded so u cant take only the midi’s lol)