Region Sharing with Pro Tools

I am resurrecting this inquiry after several years to see if anything has changed out there. I’d like to be able to export clip (region) definitions from Pro Tools and have them open with the Wave file in Wavelab. I can confirm Pro Tools is exporting clip definitions to the audio file correctly. I know there is some amount of inter-application exchange with this, but Wavelab doesn’t seem to do it or I’m missing the correct option.


WaveLab does not know any clip format from ProTools. Actually, I am not aware of a public file format for this. Do you known a DAW that accept this kind of file?

Well, that’s a good question. The Pro Tools manual talks about other applications being able to use the clip/region definitions it writes to the audio file. It worked back in the day with BIAS Peak, but I can’t say I know what other applications it works in now (I just tried Ableton Live and it didn’t appear to work). There must be some facility for writing region definitions into a Wave or BWave file, since they’re doing it?

What exactly would you like to achieve? What workflow?

I’d like to be able to separate clips on a track while recording a live concert multitrack in Pro Tools, and then be able to open one of those tracks in Wavelab for editing.

I see. Maybe there will be a solution for this in the future…

worth sending a file to AATranslator and see if they’ll convert what you need, it does alot of DAW interchanging

Ditto that. You could convert to AES31 using AATranslator and then import the AES31 into Wavelab, as a montage.

Thanks, I’ll look into AATranslator.