Regions not showing in the Pool


If I select an audio event in a project timeline and use the Lower Region Sample editor ( love it there btw ) to select some sections of audio and create Regions from them, the regions don’t show up in the Pool.

In fact if the audio event is double clicked in the Pool so the stand-alone Sample Editor opens the Regions aren’t in there either.

Are there now two Sample Editors? The lower zone one ( its called that in the manual ) and a Pool one?

If so I don’t like that.

You can use multiple sample editors. The Lowe zone and the separate window are alternate views of “a sample editor”. You can choose to open a event in a sample editor lower zone. Or if you choose a separate window you can actually have multiple sample editors open at the same time. The choice is yours. Opening a sample editor from the pool means that that specific edit/region is not yet entered in the project and the lower zone sample editor is related to the project.
But of course it would be nice to be able to view the edited file from the pool in the lower zone as well.

Hi Guys, I cant find it in N10 either! Is there a workaround to find the selected file in the Pool Window as well? Thx and be happy!