A few questions…on the tool bar there is a icon saying register…well I thought I already register cos I got the license and installed it on my elicenser…am I wrong?..
2.How do you stop cubase 9 from always creating a back-up file on its own?..
3. I got both my cubase 7 and 9 licenses on same dongle… Can I remove one license and put it on another elicenser dongle?..
4.Is it my imagination that cubase 9 sounds differnt then cubase 7 for midi instruments?
5. Why do I get an error message stating cubase 9 did not close properly 85% of times I exit the program?
6. I get weird pitch bend notation when I am not even using pitch bend…is this a bug?
7. sometimes my velocity isnt coming out as I recorded for midi…example a soft passage will come out loud on playback.

any help with these would be appreciated.
I sort of feel like my old cubase 7 had better tone, no bugs…but had to upgrade to newer version cos of certain plugins that wont run mountain lion…upgraded to el captain…funny thing is cubase 7 worked on el captain…maybe I should have stayed with it instead of updating to c9?

  1. You probably only ACTIVATED your license. Which is really all you need to do in order to use Cubase. REGISTERING is how Steinberg knows that you, specifically, own that license. It enables license replacement in case you lose it, the USB dongle becomes damaged or unreadable, etc. It is strongly recommended to register to “protect” your license.
  2. The preferences “auto-save” settings.
  3. Yes
  4. Probably. The audio engines are the same. Check all the channel strip settings, EQ, inserts, etc.
  5. This is widely debated but can be caused by plug-ins not shutting down properly, ASIO drivers not shutting down properly, or maybe even Cubase not communicating properly with elicenser.
  6. Hard to tell. Are you sure it is pitch bend or could it be another CC such as modulation. MIDIOX (a free program) may help you determine if the controller is sending pitch bend data. Also, I remember once, I had a USB3 port in my computer and the MIDI controller did not play well with it. The pitch bend was very “jumpy”. Plugging into a USB2 port fixed it until a driver update fixed it for the USB3 port.
  7. Again, this is hard to tell. Use MIDIOX to see what is being sent from the controller. Try a different controller or USB port, etc.

thank you jaslan…I do think there is something changed in the sound engine tho…my plugins dont really sound the same…But anyhow thank you very much…where do I find MIDIOX?

A lot of people seem to use google to find things on the internet

MIDI-OX is a separate program, unrelated to Cubase that allows you to monitor midi traffic on your machine.