Register eLicense


I have tried to register my license

It shows a licenser but says there are no products… I have Dorico and just want to make sure it’s registered in case i loose the USB

Open your elicenser on your computer, and input the activation code for Dorico.

I have already done that

If you go back to MySteinberg and enter your Soft-eLicenser number again (the number shown on the left-hand side under the Soft-eLicenser heading), you should find that your Dorico 3 license now shows up there.

I have tried to do it again, but just like before it registers my licens but says there are no products

I’m sorry to say I’m not sure what else I can suggest. Please raise a ticket with our support team via MySteinberg: they have the means to look things up in MySteinberg, and I’m afraid I (as lowly Dorico product owner) do not have the keys to that particular kingdom in my possession.

I’ll do that. Thanks for the help