Register eLicenser / software Issue

hello there,
when trying the register my key license at “my stienberg” it says: “This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.”
i cant find any other user that i have or had logged in with.
Im representing An educational institution and we have here 5 licenses for 5 work stations (computers). 4 of them registered with our regular user.

my goals:

  1. find the missing user
  2. unite the to users to one - delete the other user and register the license on the user that have already the other 4 licenses.
  3. Update all Users to the latest Version on Cubase

thank you,

I think you’ll probably have to post a new support ticket through MySteinberg > MySupport on the main website to get something like this fixed.

But do you have an elicenser for each of your 5 systems?
If not, you’ll need one for each system.
each elicenser has a different serial number associated with it.
You would need to associate each Cubase license to diffent elicensers in order to use 5 copies of Cubase at the same time as each computer would need to have an elicenser attached to it.

Hi fretthefret,
yes, i have eLicenser for each system. one key for each station.
the “my support” section in “my steinberg” tells me that i need to contact with the distributor but the distributor told me he cant help me with this one and the global forum is the only way.