Register license Cubase Pro 8.5

I have a problem and I want to find solution from your .
I bought more than Cubase 5 with a license from a friend after he used it for a month . He recorded the license software and USB key on his account on My Steinberg implicitly and his e -mail.
I bought all the updates reaching Cubase Pro 8.5 , but I want to be informed and to have access to them on my account and receive information on my e -mail and everything once to record license software and usb key my account at My Steinberg .


Follow the instructions in the Resale Wizard for Steinberg Software, please.

I think I did not understand. This product I bought long ago from a person who purchased licensed and registered to you. The product operates well, but I want to ol register on my account My steinberg.Persoana in question which I sold to all licensed and USB Key has not removed the registration code of the key usb account or My Steinberg. The person can not be found, so please help me.


Yes, the Wizard helps you to re-register the whole MySteinberg account to you (a new owner). The question is, if it’s still managable, when you bought it a long time ago.

I bought Cubase 5 with licensed from people concerned about a year after appearing Cubase5 . Since then I have bought all upgrades frequently , until I got to have Cubase Pro8.5 mention that I have no problems with software , only because I want all information to me blame my e -mail.

Do you have the login details for the MySteinberg account of the old user?

No, and I do not give it yet . I bought 6 years ago. But I have the serial number of the license and usb key lock . So I all Bundled package from Cubese5 . From Cubase5 to Cubase7 including ( 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 & 7.0 ) , I bought it from the shop Thomann in Germany , the rest of the updates(7.5, 8.0, & 8.5) we 've paid them downloaded online from the Steinberg website .

Really you should never have bought software without registering to your own account.

But now you can only contact Steinberg support and hope they will sort it out for you.