Register pop-ups

I keep getting the register pop-up window each time I open. I’ve tried the ‘Register’ ‘Already Registered’ plus the register option in the menu, each does nothing. How do I stop this?


It should stop, when you click Already Registered.

To me it sounds, the preferences is not written. Could you double-check, if your Cubase doesn’t crash silently while quit, please?

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply. When I open a project then select Quit it closes normally, no crashes etc…

Martin, I got it sorted out. First I tried Run As Admin which opened the secondary message to register online (which I did but still it didn’t solve the problem)

I ended up registering from eLicenser Control. (it registered it over again, didn’t think that was possible after being registered once already)

This time the nag window disappeared after selecting ‘already registered’ then re-opening.