I just bought it, I installed it. I have my activation code, however, it opened immediately and did not ask me for a password or anything. It also does not appear in the eLicenser Control Center. How do I register?

Hi Elias Reyes,

you probably have a USB-eLicenser with an All Application Demo license still in it, which is why you can use it without activating it.
As with all other Steinberg software, you just need to open the eLicenser Control Center, and enter the activation code you got on your order confirmation e-mail.

Make sure though, that you choose the correct e-Licenser you want to activate it in. If you want to have it on your Soft-eLicenser but you accidentally choose the USB-eLicenser, you can not move it to the SeL anymore. So please be careful with that.

All the best,

I did it exactly as he told me and everything went well.
Thank you