Registering Cubase 8.5 deleted all my old licences

I have a painful issue that is going to ruin at best all my week end work.

I took advantage of the recent sale on upgrading to cubase 8.5.

I am on 5.5.3, and still sometimes uses SX3 to import old VST 32 projects.

Registering my new 8.5 licence just erased all prior licences from my e-licenser.

Trying to re-authorize them leaded to a message that says “these licenses have already been activated”.

I’m doomed.
All my template work is on 5.5.3. I was planning a long time porting of previous 5 project to 8.5 and I’m stuck.

Your 8.5 license allows you to open all previous versions of Cubase. Have you tried?

Nope, it does not.
The 8.5 licence will not open previous versions.
Running cubase 5.5.3 I had the “no valid licence was found” message.

If your Cubase 5.5.3 is installed on another computer, you’ll have to update your eLicenser Control Center license database on that computer, or else Cubase 5.5.3 wont be able to see your Cubase Pro 8.5 license.

To update the database on a supported OS, you can just download the eLicenser Control Center installer from this link and put it on a flash drive. It always comes with the latest license database:

If you’re using an unsupported OS (XP or Vista/Mac OS X older than 10.7), you’ll have to connect that computer to the internet and run the eLicenser Control Center. This will update the license database.

I’m running W7 SP1.
My machine can not be conencted to internet (it runs in a white room).

I thought I had the latest elicencer driver package installed but I am not that sure.
So I’m d/ling it now.
Anyway that version was out after 8 for sure.

I have yet to test 8.5 itself (but that will wait, because

  1. I have an awful lot of work to finish, and
  2. each d/l of the 10 gb and some failed so far
    and 3) of course I’m pretty sure reopning properly v5 projects in 8.5 will not be a piece of cake.

I’m even considering, with all horror stories here about spikes and audio drop out anf CPU consumptions in 8.5, using first 7.5. or 8.


Upgrading the e-licenser brought me back access to 5, so thanks to Romantique Tp here.
It doesn’t work with SX3 on XP, but it is a start…

I still think it is a painful way of dealing with licences, that made me loose half of my working time (so I’m off schedule).

[edit] but I can’t run 8.5 yet. It crashes at start up with a blue screen (and a pfn_list something message)

I will start another topic, as I can"t open Cubase 8.5.
It crashes everytime over and over trying to use my old default VSTplugin path on the JBridged folder.