Registering Cubase Elements 8 on more than one computer???

No where on the website ,or the box does it say what is contained in the “Package Box”! I thought i WAS getting an ELicenser USB Dongle with the package .The website says with FULL versions . I have a full version . Can I make my own Dongle USB ? OR now that i have SOFT Licenced to one computer ,do I THEN have to go through a whole process to start using a $35 Elicenser on both of my computers . I found the information on this EXTREMELY INDECISIVE!

Cubase Elements does not come with a USB dongle because it doesnt require one (its soft license). as such you cannot “register it” on multiple machines unless you purchase multiple licenses. you can however purchase a USB dongle and transfer your soft license to it. you can then move the dongle to the machine you are currently using but again you cannot use the same license on multiple machines simultaneously. hope this clears up your confusion.


Yes that’s exactly what I mean ,Running on 2 computers ,NOT in concurrence,separately . I go to the studio i record on that computer ,I save the work on a memory stick,go home and mix it on my Lap top . If i need a Dongle can i just make my own with a memory stick?

The USB-eLicenser is a dedicated device that gets connected to one of the computer’s USB ports.

It is not a USB memory stick.