Registering Cubase when lincense is occupied by previous owner

Hello everyone,

in 2013 i bought a Cubase 7 license/dongle from a private seller, who, against our agreement, didn’t transfer the registration to me. It never bothered me, but now i need technical assistance and it seems that support requests are only available to registered users. I don’t have the sellers contact/name anymore.

Is there a way to register Cubase afterwards in this case ? I bought every upgrade since then from version 7.5 to 11 at the steinberg shop. Do i just need a new hardware dongle, or can i in any other way connect my activation codes/software to my account ?
When i try to register, and enter my latest activation code in MySteinberg, it says that “this license has already been used by another user”.

Any help is aprreciated, thanks !

You could try starting here and see if you have enough info to get through the process

thanks for the link…so the seller only had to delete the registration…very sad. Will see if i can contact support somehow anyway.

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Was on my phone when I replied in a bit of a rush. Rereading your post, I’m afraid it doesn’t look good for you since you don’t have any proof of purchase or transfer. Still, contact support and see what they can do. Maybe the best you can do is ask for a good discount on purchasing a license.

I’m not 100% sure on this, but it was my understanding that the dongle is what is most important to be registered in your name, not the actual license.

Because if you activate zero downtime it’s the dongle you recover - and the licenses on it are recovered to that new dongle, there’s no kind of recovery for individual licenses outside of that.

Thing is, with changes to the licensing system and the dongle being phased out, this is something you want to get sorted ASAP.

I’m sure there’s many thousands in the same position as you, because the dongle has always been a very effective way of selling licenses, but not everyone is aware that you should remove the dongle from your registration once the buyer has it.

So, I have no doubts there will be a formal process for this when the cloud system comes online. Or else there will be carnage lol.

Just see if the Dongle is registered already, it may be that it never was back in 2013.