Registering Demo version of Dorico on macOS


I just downloaded Dorico 3.1.10 for testing my new SMuFL complaint BopMusic and RealScore fonts. I got an email with my registration demo code but I can’t find where to put it…I got no pop-up window telling me to register, so I can"t access the Engraving mode to change the default music font…any help, please?

Thank you.
—Nor Eddine Bahha

Close Dorico. Open the eLicenser Control Center (which is a separate app that installed along with Dorico) and click the Enter Activation Code button. Then paste in your code.

It worked, but I still can’t access the Engraver mode…something wrong?

Are you using Dorico SE or Dorico Elements? Neither of those versions of Dorico include Engrave mode: only Dorico Pro includes Engrave mode.

When you start Dorico, do not press any modifier key on your keyboard.
Otherwise, even if you have Dorico Pro, it may boot into either Elements or SE version.