Registering offline


How do I register Cubase 7.5 offline? I have successfully activated Cubase, but am getting the prompt every time I start up to register, and obviously I want to do this. The quick start manual only covers online registration.

Sorry if there is a well known solution, I have searched and couldn’t find anything. Everything is about Activation offline which has a well known solution.

Since you register on the Steinberg server, you can register online only.

Thanks BingoBongo

Is that a definite, or just your supposition?

Keeping DAWs offline is a fairly common practice, and pretty much every music software allows activation offline, by means of dongles, usb sticks, or manually entering numbers. Not sure why registration need be any different, though it may be set up that way.

My DAW is offline, though I have connected a couple times for software that wouldn’t activate any other way.

But I don’t remember needing to go online for Cubase registration specifically …can’t you just tell it to stop asking you?

Are you absolutely certain your activation is complete…you presumably did this on another PC??

You don´t need your DAW computer to register Cubase - any computer on the net will do, and since you are posting on the forums here, it seems you have one of those… ->Support -> product registration . Then in Cubase simply click “already registered” or what ever it says - not a big deal and IMHO also rather common practice to register on the manufacturers website, not only with Steinberg.
And btw. registration and activation are generally independent from each other…