Registration a mess, pls help?

Hi there,

In my eLicenser I have a licence for Cubase LE4, and for Cubase Artist 8 (due to the Grace Period. But the download of the Grace Period update didn’t finish correctly so I don’t have Cubase Artist 8). However, I don’t have a licence for Cubase Artist 7.5, actually the one I bought.

Can someone from Steinberg pls help me with this? To register the Cubase 7.5 upgrade and to get a new download for the Grace Period update of Cubase Artist 8?

You don’t need (a won’t get) a separate license for Cubase Artist 7.5. The Cubase Artist 8 license will allow you to run Cubase Artist 7.5 (or CA7, CA6.5, CA6, etc.). You won’t get a separate license because then, you would have two licenses instead of just one, better license (hope that makes sense).
To get the installer file go to your My Steinberg account on the downloads tab.

Okay, that’s clear.

However: eLicenser generates the link to the Free Grace Upgrade of Artist 8. Because the link was already generated, but the download of Artist 8 didn’t work out properly, I have now this problem: in the eLicenser Artist 8 is registered, but I do have only 7.5.

I asked Steinberg for support on January 13. It is now January 24, still didn’t hear from them. :neutral_face: