Registration/download access error: X kein AC

Hi there, I have exactly the same problem. Received today my boxed Pro 10 version. Entering the download acces code gives out X kein AC.
I did sent a request to Steinberg Support because this is quite annoying. I’m waiting for an answer.


Today I have got this error message from multiple customers. Might be, there is an error on the server.

same problem here

Same here on code emailed from US online vendor

I tried inputting a wrong code at and it gave a more specific error code: this download code does not exist. -404

What does kein AC even mean?!

some kind of error where the codes need activating steinberg server side?

if you bought a sealed cubase pro, that means you got in the cubase box a usb dongle also. The license is inside this. You dont have to do anything else, just plug the dongle in a usb port.
I suppose you got also an activation code which is of no use as you have already have cubase pre-activated in the usb dongle inside the sealed box you bought. All you have to do is simple register the usb dongle in your steinberg account.
The download is independent from any code itself, or elicense or whatever. you just run the download program and thats all. Just be sure you gave admin rights to the download manager

Ah ok…thank you very much for your reply I feel im closer to using audio warp!! I just couldn’t see any licenses from the usb showing up in the elicense software in the right hand side of the license pane. Nor were there any visible licenses in my registered products in my steinberg account. I get this after registering usb license:

Your eLicenser with the number 1xxxxx2 4xxxxxB was successfully registered.

Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

When the usb dongle is highlighted, Synchrosoft license pane to the right of the GUI reads:

All Applications

Steinberg, Non-movable, Remaining time, 25h

then hovering over it I get a message that says Limited license (might expire)

So do I just download a trial from steinberg and then the usb dongle included in the packaging will facilitate full functionality?

Same issue here with Cubase Pro 10 crossgrade. USB e-licenser is registered in my account. The download access code is giving the error “kein AC” and I cannot get the license key until I have entered the DAC. Downloaded the 30 day trial while I find a way to fix this. Looking at other posts, this could be a server issue?

No. This is not going to work.
There are no pre-installed licenses on the stick. This must be downloaded. But that does not work.
Have the same problem with the error message “kein AC” which is German and means no activation code.
Therefore, think this is a license server bug and hopefully will be solved on Monday by the support.
Have until then the trial version with the activation code installed.

This is false. I also got the sealed Pro 10 Box and the the dongle is empty. License needs to be activated with the Download Access Code provided in the box. Maybe it used to be different. I don’t know.

Then your product you bought its not valid. Ask for a full refound.
The license is ALWAYS inside the dongle and you should see that when you launch the elicenser program

Hello! I have the same message with Crossgrade Version. X kein AC

Same problem here I bought Cubase pro 10 through US online vendor. X Kei AC. Please help 2 days of trying to no avail.


JFYI, AC means Activation Code.

Have just talked to the support in Hamburg. It is a bug on licensing server.
It should be fixed during the day, so that after this error message no longer occurs and the activation code is issued to permanent licensing on the stick to save.

yes I called them to and they said the same.

Problem solved. It works now! :slight_smile:

In my case problem SOLVED, I received Activation Code just minute ago.

Hi everyone,

Please excuse the inconvenience!

The problem should be solved now.
Please try again.


Yep ! Finally :smiley: