Registration issues

I have registered but it says it is not activated, I have downloaded using the activation code however when I open cubase le 5 it asks me to register when I have done so several times.

Does it give you an “Already Registered” option? If so, select that.

Only two options, register now or register later which puts in a trail.

I have registered but it says it is not activated

I think registration and activation are two different things. So have you actually activated the program…?

Not sure where to activate the program, I downloaded the license, not sure what esle to do.

Hi I 'm getting the same message and have same problem - did you resolve this

Nope, still ongoing.

I did enter the activation code in the eLicenser control panel, but no luck, did not forget to do this, just adding the info.

Guys: Watch this video a few times on Activation.

Note: This is for Cubase Le4 but should work. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have done all of that, entered the activation code and it still does not work.

This has been covered before.

Dont you wish he had told us the solution?!

Would have been nice.

Also have tried reinstalling, reregistering etc. Funny thing is, elicenser says that
I am activated, the web site says it is activated, however when I went to reactivate is says my activation code was not used.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of your elicenser control center?

cover up the registration numbers etc, you don’t want to share them.

Oh, come on. :laughing:

Support corrected the issue, they gave me another activation code.