registration LE5 - eLicenser error

hi everyone;
I have a problem with registration my LE5. When I try to put activation code(Cubase serial number) to eLicenser it says that the current eLicenser version is too old, but I just downloaded it from this site. How can I solve this problem?

Hello andrey777,

you have been fooled by an unfortunate, incorrect error message :frowning:

The real issue here is, that eLicenser Control Center only accepts license activation codes.
You’ve got a “Download Access Code” (DAC), though.

Please log into your MySteinberg account (or create a new account, if you didn’t do so already), then enter your DAC there, to get access to a license activation code. The license activation code has to be entered into eLicenser Control Center and will get you your Cubase license.

Sorry for the confusion. Hope this helps.

it works,
thank you for help!