registration, licensing, activation FAILURE

  1. trying to open new cubase elements 8 from my new laptoip, i get the message ‘No valid license found. The program will quit now.’ So, I click ‘start license activation’. I enter the activation I got by email (the ‘key’ in the box below appears) and click continue but I get yet another message saying ‘no license to upgrade selectable’. A typical catch-22 in my opinion.

Elements 8 I downloaded is an upgrade since I already have elements 7, but on an older computer. I have installed elements 8 on my new laptop.

  1. Now, when I look in ‘my products’ (steinberg page), I see my Elements 7 is activated and has been so since 28/08/2013.

  2. When I look into eLicensers I see 3 licenses, 2 of which have no product attached to it (one may be my first Cubase 1.x).

  3. I have tried Maintenance several times in the eLicenser Control Center (which is up to date) and nothing happens.

  4. I have tried entering the activation code many times as well, nothing happens.

So, now what???

Please help soon. Thank you.

It says there’s no license to upgrade because there’s no license to upgrade. You need to use your Cubase Elements 8 upgrade on a computer with a Cubase Elements 7 license.

Go to your MySteinberg and follow the Reactivation procedure.