Registration Problem - I cannot run Cubase LE 8

Hi, I have purchased the “Scarlet Solo Studio Pack” from SoundWorks here in Cape Town. I got Cubase LE with the package but it does not want to run. I have registered the software in the e-licenser but I am still asked to either “trial” or enter the license. See attached pics. Capture2.jpg shows I am registered but still I cannot Cubase LE 8

It is my understanding that I have the use of Cubase LE 8 for lifetime use…why does it say 300 days?
Please advise.

Hans Nel
[removed e-mail and pics showing account details]

I think you forgot an important step: download the license to your computer.

Here is the complete info:

Hi Makumbaria, thanks for your response. That web page mentions:

“…The activation code must not have been used before…”

The problem is, I HAVE used it before but could not to get it to work since then. NOW when I re-try to enter the code, it is rejected. Why do the music software companies make it so incredibly difficult to use their software?

Well, after hours of research, I have Cubase registered! Great!

I agree with your question about difficulty of use, Hans. I was interested to see on the Steinberg FAQ page that the list of the 10 most asked questions contained 3 questions about how to licence the software! 30% of the most common questions are about difficulty using the licensing process! What does that tell you, Steinberg?

“…What does that tell you, Steinberg?..”

It’s not only Steinberg. It is Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, EWQL, Windows (and the list goes on ) that ticks us legit users off. Understandably, these companies want to protect their software against piracy, but it has come to the process where the un-legit users enjoy the software, while we legit users go through great pain only to use the software. I had the same problem with Finale…ditched it and enjoyed Sibelius for years. Now, using Sibelius has become a pain in the but and am ready to ditch it as soon as Dorico come available. I truly hope Dorico will take the licensing pain away.