Registration problem

Hi there,

I’ve just upgraded fm Wavelab 6 (PC) to Wavelab 7, install and registration on Mac went just fine and everything works.

A couple of days ago I needed to use Wavelab 6 on my PC, so I’ve put the USB key on it, launched Wavelab and … it doesn’t work anymore cos what’s on the key (Wavelab 7 authorization) doesn’t match to what’s on the computer (Wavelab 6).

So I’ve though to install Wavelab 7 to PC but apparently seems to work only witn Win7 and not with XPpro. Frankly I don’t want to install a new OS just to have Wavelab 7. As someone said “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” :slight_smile:
I’ve downloaded the latest PC eLicenser to see if I could do something to restore my license but no way again, there’s something I need to download “online” fm Microsoft site otherwise it wouldn’t work.

NOTE: I’m a Mac guy and I use also a PC as sound generator, that’s it. The PC is not online and it has never been online, that’s why it works, so I would like to avoid to get and install an antivirus, a firewall just to restore MY Wavelab 6 registration

With every other piece of software out there there’s the possibility to register offline. I’ve checked on my Steinberg account but I couldn’t find a way. Any help would be very appreciated, thanks.


I’ve fixed it … downloaded fm another machine the Microsoft NET framework and the new eLicenser version, installed on PC which recognized Wavelab 6, and now everything works again

Sorry for the noize … :slight_smile: