Registration trouble

New on here and just bought Cubase 12 Pro. I’m kind of stuck in a vicious circle and can’t find help, raise a ticket, or work out what to do. I have searched on here but can’t yet message anyone as I’m new.

I’ve tried to find advice and help on the Steinberg website but the support ticket page won’t load – it just goes back to the Steinberg homepage. I’ve also joined the community but can’t get any help on there as I’m new and I’m apparently not allowed to message any admins yet.

I’ve just bought Cubase Pro 12, which I’d been using on a free trial. I’m now trying to activate my licence and the following is happening:

  1. If I open Cubase 12, it reactivates the trial licence.
  2. If I go to Download Assistant and enter my licence key, it says it’s in use by another user (I redeemed it online in an attempt to activate the new purchase).
  3. If I go online and show my products, it says Cubase Pro 12 has been added but is “not used on any computers”.

I have no idea what to do and can’t raise a ticket.

Can you help me please?

Does the Cubase Pro 12 license you purchased (separate from the trial license) appear in the Steinberg Activation Manager?

Thanks for responding. No, the newly purchased license isn’t shown in there.

Jon D

It sounds like you’re signed into the wrong MySteinberg account. Please check if the email shown when you click the hamburger menu to the top right of the page below matches the one displayed by the Steinberg Activation Manager:

Please also make sure that you have the latest Steinberg Activation Manager installed. It’s currently

Oh, good Lord - how embarrassing :laughing:

Absolutely spot-on. Problem solved.

Thank you so much!