Registration Upgrade 8 to 9 PROBLEM HELP ME

When i try to get my activation code i get this issue.( I just bought my upgrade form 8 to 9 from

when i put my download code, ask me my Serial from my USB elicenser…

and then when i put it, it says… NO MODEL GIVEN.

Please help me.

Hi and welcome,

Upgrades are not available via resellers, as far as I know. Buy the upgrade from the Steinberg Online Shop, please.

i bought upgrade from 5 to 7 from musicstore… why should that not work? it did, though it was 4 years ago i think.

did you register you usb elicenser to your acount at
did you get an activation code?

open the elicenser app on your computer and enter the activation code. your license should be upgraded and you can see the download link in your steinberg acount.

I see. It should work in this case. And you will get Cubase 9 license for free (if you activate it now), thanks to the Grace Period.

But the original post was about Cubase 8 > 9 upgrade.

I have my Usb elicenser registered right, never have a problem! The thing here is thst once i put my download code on the next step when ask for my Usb Serial number (already registere on mysteinberg) i get a message that says No model give , as if dont recognize my USB elicenser!


I’m sorry, I’m afraid two topics are mixed up here.

Before you click to Enter Activation Code, can you see the USB-eLicenser on the left side? And can you see Cubase 8 license on it? Make sure, there is no Cubase 8**.5** license, please. This is different upgrade.

I got the same thing. Where you input your eLicenser code does not accept a space even though one is shown in your registration page and control center. Remove the space and try again.

Yes, topics are mixed.
Back to original one.
I can see my USB-elicenser on the left side with my CUBASE Pro 8, i am sure is not 8.5
The problems comes when i put my download code, the next step i am asked to put my USB serial, i put it and then i get this:
no model given!!!

Also i try to eliminate the spaces on the serial…i cannot get my activation code.

i will try to upload an image.

i ve tried that and nothing, i always get NO MODEL GIVEN result.


OK, I think, you mix up different numbers.

To the 1st field enter the USB-eLicenser Number, you can see in the eLCC: 12474…

But Before it, make sure your USB-eLicenser is registered in your MySteinberg account. Do so from the eLCC. Once it is registered, it will not ask you to the Serial Number.

Nop. i have properly registered my usb. If i put the serial number in the first field i get a message that says,

Your eLicenser with the number 1247482 47E861 was successfully registered. and thats it.

If a put the download code, always ask me the serial number and comes the shit!!!

Ive already wrote to sweetwater support and to i need someone to solve this or help me. when i made the upgrade from 7.5 to 8 i have zero problems.