Regression: Allow disabling of 'Hub' in Cubase 13

The hub can get in the way of working efficiently with Cubase for some users. Users had the option of disabling it completely in Cubase 12 via preferences ( Deactivating the Hub )

Please add the ability to disable the Hub in Cubase 13.


No, I find it very useful.


Fair. I’ve reworded my request.

Yeah, I miss not being able to get rid of it. However I’ve noticed that the Hub doesn’t get opened if Cubase is launched because a Project is being opened (e.g. double+clicking on a .cpr file which then causes Cubase to open).

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I was kind of blown off by Steinberg replies in Cubase 13 - how to minimize the hub? - #16 by Cu10

Since then, I figured out how I will work around this is by loading the last saved project. I will create a template with the things I want as a starting point and just load that. It will be a pain though because I would have to close other projects if I had opened them and then close them and then load the template and then close Cubase. Not a user friendly work around though. It would be best if they gave us that option back. It can’t be that hard to do to add a checkbox. I used to program and my guess is that they just made the option not visible. It would make everyone happier so we could get to work quicker on new projects without the extra stuff to deal with. Those who want to see the hub can and those who don’t won’t.
Steinberg, FYI, If I want to see the latest news I go to your website and I don’t do it from within Cubase. I know other users think that is ok, but again, I would rather just open a template in Cubase and start working.



For now, I get around this situation by opening Cubase with the “Open Last Project On Startup” option. However, when I close a project, the Hub reappears. It doesn’t seem to be possible to quit Cubase without going through it.

It’s a bit boring, I agree with you.

Please Steinberg offer us the possibility to open and close Cubase as in previous versions. If not, give us a logical explanation why you chose this way of doing things for this new version. It is naturally easier to accept when we understand the reasons.

For the moment this choice seems arbitrary.


Re: No way to quit without going through the hub.

Quitting from file menu or it’s shortcut Ctrl Q works.

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Thanks for your report. Admittedly I’m confused by what some mean by disabling the hub and I’m trying to figure out a common understanding.

In Cubase 12, on Windows, if you actually disable “Use hub” you would then have the project assistant instead.
In Cubase 13, on Windows, you would need to disable the Preference “Show News in Hub”… to end up with the project assistant. Same behavior, just renamed preference.

To all the people posting here: are we referring to Mac users or Windows users? The behavior and the requirements are quite different for the two platforms.

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no you don’t - I end up with just the main menu bar at the top of the screen.

I never use or see the hub or project assistant on c11 or c12


Do you mean when you are opening Cubase?

yes . . .

Alright so the problem is that you are automatically prompted with the hub once you are starting Cubase on Windows. Is this the issue?

If yes, what window would you like to see instead?

for me, yes. Although I understand that the new windows handling needs to attach the menu to a ‘window’

the way it worked in everything prior to c13 was fine by me



Be aware that the former behavior was far from being standard on Windows and that this was a long-awaited feature for a majority of our Windows user. One way or another, this floating menu must go so we have to attach it somewhere, as every other Windows application. We decided to attach it to the hub, as this doesn’t hurt as far as we know.

What would be your alternative?

I understand the problem - but in fixing the rather odd windows handling system in versions pre c13 you’ve made certain aspects worse (IMO)

  1. you are forced to open to the hub
  2. you now have 2 ‘bars’ at the top of the project screen - the title menu bar and the main menu bar.

I know you can disable the main menu bar but that really needs to live on the project window (IMO again)

It’s funny. All these years I never even thought to turn it off.

As I say - I understand the issue but other software manages this just fine.

I’m guessing you are not able to change it but it’s a change for the worse (IMO yet again)

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How is this concretely affecting your workflow? We absolutely understand not everybody wants to see the news, hence the preference. Nonetheless in terms of usability we only see advantages in prompting the hub at startup. But we are willing to reconsider this decision ofc. :slight_smile:

That’s correct. We have switched back to the standard menu of Windows as it was leading to a lot of bugs. It is a known drawback for a lot of non-standard workflow and bugs that were solved by moving away from the former system.

In my case, the new Hub is just a container for the “Quit Cubase” button… As long as I can turn off the news section it is no biggie IMO.
Other issues, like the GUI discussed else where, is of much more importance to me


What alternative workflow do they have? We would like to consider any alternative here. Thank you.