Regression: Allow disabling of 'Hub' in Cubase 13

You are right. In the Windows environment, when you click the X in the right corner of an application, this closes the application with the backup usage measures if applicable.

This isn’t the only weird behavior in Cubase and has been for decades. Like for example, the “Open” command from the File menu. When I have a project already open and I request the opening of another project, Cubase automatically asks me whether to activate the second project or not.

It’s true that in all Windows applications you can open more than one project and switch from one to another and they are automatically active. This is not the case with Cubase, it must take into account the management of an audio device. Which practically amounts to the situation where when you deactivate a project it is almost the equivalent of closing it and just as when you activate a project, all the plugins and others must load, it is impossible to go from one to the next other and use them without this unloading and loading period.

So, Cubase does not react like other Windows applications, because in reality there can be several projects open which is normal with Windows applications, but can never have two projects active at the same time, which does not is not the case for other Windows apps, I would say it is half consistent with Windows window management.

Considering this very particular Cubase situation, I would like to be given the opportunity to decide whether I want to open two projects at once or not. A simple option in the preferences, “Use more that one project” (if that’s what you want) and curiously, this would solve the problem of returning to the Hub each time you want to open another existing project while closing the current project. An option where there are no more than two projects open at a time (if that’s what I want)… I should make a request for it…

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Given what’s going on in the world right now… aren’t we in a comfortable position here while we can argue our heads over how to open/close a program?


And why not?

Should we stop living because people are shooting each other all over the world for X reasons and X causes, whether valid or not? Should we stop living because humanity has hit the wall with climate change and its extinction is underway?

I believe that we have the right to express ourselves regarding this opening and closing of the Cubase Hub, regardless of what is happening in the world.

Personally, I have a lot of empathy for all the victims, but life goes on for the rest of the world. Unfortunately, human stupidity continues to surprise us and humanity will experience other horrors, because human beings have little collective memory despite the thousands of years of history they have behind them. His greed and desire for power is limitless and human life counts for little.

So, yes, let’s take all the time we need to talk about opening and closing Cubase, as insignificant as it may seem to some.

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Every day someone is born and someone dies. This life is a complex weaving of joy and sorrow. We have to live our lives. And we can do more than one thing at at time.


My lord, I can’t believe the complaints some people have.

The hub does not actually hurt your workflow. Stop it.


The Hub has nothing to do with workflow. It’s just a uselessness, a hassle that has become insurmountable.

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I really don’t mean to be rude, but what are you talking about? If it doesn’t hurt your ability to make music, who cares? I’ve read the whole thread and I just fundamentally don’t understand the complaint. Just click on the project you want and get back to work. There are so many other things in Cubase that need to be improved.


But no, you’re not rude at all. You’re right, when I’m in a project it doesn’t harm my ability to make music in any way. And you’re right, there’s so much else to improve too. You also have the right to your opinion.

All I and some others are asking for is to have the option to disable the Hub, as was possible in previous versions. I would like to be able to access my projects only with the help of the “Open” command from the File menu without ever seeing the Hub, as was possible in previous versions. But, it seems that this is not possible due to Windows and possibly other reasons; so I made a proposal that could please (in my opinion) the majority. If this has generated discussion, I can’t do anything about it.

Maybe for you it has little value, little importance, and it doesn’t deserve attention, and you also have the right to think that way, but you also have the choice not to interested in this thread, as I do when I consider a discussion futile.

I just hope that Steinberg will pay attention to this and take into account all the options to have a solution that everyone will like about this Hub.

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This is my goal. But the Windows specs doesn’t really keep them from doing that. I just means they can’t do it by using the old floating menu bar. What I’m advocating in using the Project window, if and only if the user disables using the Hub, would work pretty much exactly like using Cubase with the Hub disabled worked in C12 & earlier. With the big change being it is compliant with Windows standards.

“If” is carrying the bulk of your argument. You only understand how it impacts your ability to make music. Obviously others here feel it very much does have an impact…


I think we are on the same wavelength… Indeed, the problem seems to be this famous floating bar which is not compliant. Although it has been in place for over a decade and no one ever complains about it…

My proposal would solve the problem, at least that’s what I believe. Currently, with version 13, if I have a project open and I close it, the Hub appears. If I don’t want to go through the Hub, I can open another project, but the current project remains open, so I have two projects, one of which will be activated. I can keep the activated one open and close the other one. Consider this a laborious way to Bypass the Hub.

In my proposal I suggest that there is an option in preferences that allows us to open only one file at a time. Well, we will say that it is not compliant, but between us Cubase is already not very compliant, when two, three or four files are open, moving from one to the other is not done simultaneously as in everything other Windows application (Office Suite, Notepad, etc.). When several projects are open, we must choose which one we are going to activate and there it is a process of unloading plugins and others and loading plugins and others, depending on the content of the file, we may have time to search a coffee at the local grocery store…

If I had the option to be able to open only one file at a time, the current file would close, the requested file would open and I would never need to access the Hub. This would be an option, so those who absolutely want to use the Hub would just not use this option.

Simple reasoning, but I am not an engineer so my reasoning may have very little value. I’m not a programmer either, so I can’t see what such an option might entail. I also understand the guys over there probably have their fingers and brains full of it. I just hope they consider this one as a valid option and it’s up to them whether or not it’s possible.

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Actually complaints regularly have popped up here over the years.

I suppose the introduction of that floating bar is somewhat fueling my reaction to this change. Long ago Cubase had a single ‘main’ Window and all the other Windows could only exist within that main Window. Obviously this was pretty restrictive, especially as folks were starting to use multiple display monitors. In the update that let us freely locate Windows the floating bar got introduced. I think everyone was so happy about being able to put Windows wherever they wanted that we let the weirdness of the floating bar slide for awhile. And then we got stuck with the floating bar for ages.

I don’t want to let the Hub “slide” and get stuck with it for ages too. The time to fine tune this is during its introduction.


What really bothers me about not being able to close the HUB . . . on Windows, I frequently use the keyboard command Ctrl-Tab to cycle through the open plugin windows to tweak plugin settings. The HUB window becomes totally irrelevant when actually working on a project . . . I don’t want the HUB popping up when toggling through the background windows . . . my opinion is that this is not a useful change from Cubase 12 to 13 !


Hi everyone,

First of all thank you for all your reactions. Admittedly, and this ain’t news to us, the Hub can trigger passionate discussions on the forum and I will try to address most of the concerns that were posted.

About Steinberg showing the hub just to make extra revenues, nobody’s using it
Contrary to what is being assumed here, we do know for a fact that a majority of our users are using the hub. It is a shortcut to create new projects, browse through recent ones or templates, which are admittedly in a majority of the cases the options you want to have an easy access to when one starts Cubase. Additionally, the hub is also being used as an entry point to update or buy extra content, and here also not in only marginal use cases. Nonetheless, we also do know for a fact that many of our users do not want to see the news panel, and we absolutely understand and respect this. In this regard, we have always provided an option to hide them: disable “Use Hub” until C12, and in C13 disable “Show News in Hub”.

About being able to minimize the hub
I will backlog this and discuss it with the team

About the hub not prompting or closing when you want it to be.
I could read understandable cases where this is annoying, for instance when using the file menu within the hub window to open a project. I would assume the hub should also close for consistency. I will backlog this and discuss with the team.
We could implement a preference or make it just simply standard that the hub only opens itself once every other window was closed and skip the part where it opens itself automatically once the last active project was closed. I will backlog this and discuss with the rest of the staff.

About what’s standard and what’s not standard.
I see legitimate but erroneous attempts to compare Cubase with other applications, but it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Cubase is more than the project window, it’s a complex toolbox: MediaBay, MixConsole, etc, they all come on top as separate entities. And here lies the complexity of trying to reconcile this complex toolbox with Windows OS. You cannot compare each of its feature with other applications like Spectral Layers, Wavelab, Microsoft Words for they are project-based applications. We are trying to also allow users who are using and starting Cubase to do anything else but open a project to still be able to do this. In this regard I do not see any value in opening a mock project window at startup:

  • This offers zero features. It’s just a quite big and complex background picture.
  • As far as we could discuss several times: opening the hub at startup supposedly does not lead to any feature loss nor extra clicks in comparison to previous versions.

There is no usability argument to disable the hub at startup in comparison to previous versions besides purely aesthetical ones as far as I could read so far. If there are exceptions to it then we might consider preferences to open other windows at start-up: MixConsole, MediaBay, but a mock project window will not be part of the options.

About the “no one ever complained about the floating menu”.
This assumption is not backed up by our own analysis of user reports. This menu was criticized and this for very legitimate reasons. Here I will advocate that this is not standard on Windows, in the sense that we were not able so far to find any other application on this platform that was exhibiting a free-floating menu on top of Windows desktop. This was a bespoke solution that also made us miss important features of Windows, for instance snapping and docking of Windows. Now you have them and they provide a quite great dynamic alternative to our bespoke Workspaces feature. It should have never come to life in the first place and we will therefore not move back to this previous version.

About quitting Cubase when closing a project.
This is a feature loss. Note that this was inconsistent whether your project window was actually maximized or not, so we opted for a consistent and more flexible rule now that Cubase does not quit automatically when you’re closing the last project window. To quit Cubase now on Windows is doable either via the regular shortcut or via File / Quit.

I hope I was able to address most of the topics that were mentioned here and could backlog some of the feature requests that were suggested here. Otherwise I’ll keep have an eye on this thread until the end of the week.

Enjoy producing noise and music with our DAW in the meantime :wink:

Thank you all


Count me in please for the option to open MediaBay on startup rather than the Hub in the Mac OS environment…
It seems that we Mac users have lost the ability to be able to disable seeing the Hub simply to mirror the Windows OS Cubase DAW behaviour. Well done Steinberg…

I’ve lost track of this issue but if this is the case that wasn’t intended. Remember me in PM where do you see the hub on Mac OS?

Hello Armand,
thank you for your efforts here. In case you missed my notice due to the huge number of messages, here it is again:

Speaking of menu bars in this thread, there is an unpleasant bug with disabled menu lines: On Windows, if you save a project with disabled menu bars and reopen it, all open windows are increased in vertical size by the height of the invisible menu line. Can you please fix this?

Do I have to open a separate thread for this?


Yes please report on an extra thread this is not related to the hub in any case.

Thank you very much for your help!

Thank you @Armand for taking the time to inform us and explain the situation.

What I understand is that we will have to live with it. It’s true that once in a project the Hub no longer matters. Also, I am no different from others, I am also resistant to change, but don’t human beings have a great capacity for adaptation? … :wink:


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Agreed. 1,000,000,000%

VISUALLY what I (and a lot of people) want is just the Project Window with a top File menu to open projects.


@Armand - You’re a hero. I’m a software architect and deal with the impossible needs of a complex platform regularly. Your participation is wonderful, and uncommon.
I take all the opinions to heart, and it’s hard to find that perfect balance. Your responses have been thought out and deliberate. Thank you for taking the time to work with the community. Keep up the good work!