Regression: Allow disabling of 'Hub' in Cubase 13

@Armand - You’re a hero. I’m a software architect and deal with the impossible needs of a complex platform regularly. Your participation is wonderful, and uncommon.
I take all the opinions to heart, and it’s hard to find that perfect balance. Your responses have been thought out and deliberate. Thank you for taking the time to work with the community. Keep up the good work!


Yes the problem with not being able to turn off HUB is huge for me!
Cubase 13 Elements will get stuck on HUB screen “Connecting” regardless of do I switch on or off my WiFi… Mac Monterey / Intel. Also when quitting the C13E program will get stuck every time and I need to Force Quit C13E.
I can use C13E only if I double click any of my .cpr. and then appears to be working fine.
C12E works without any issues on my setup.
Please HELP this is so annoying!
There is no way or I don’t see it, to switch off the HUB getting in the way.

Just to make it clear this is happening AFTER i untick General/ Show news in HUB.
There is no way I can strat or quit the program without crashing it. Only way to use it is to strat it by clicking on the previously generated cpr.

Uff… this is getting worse… I had luck with starting C13E by clicking on some of my cpr files.I just found out it will be started by some of my cpr fils, but it will also get stuck and will not open at all with some. C12E opens everything flawlessly though.
My system worked without issues and still does with C12E.
With C13E i can not start the software in normal way but have to clik on previously generated cpr in order to open C13E. Then some cpr will open it some will get it stuck. ALL cpr will freez C13E when quiring so I have to force quit C13E.
C12E has none of this issues. Nor does wavelabe 11… Elements.

As mentioned several times in this topic, there is a preference to disable the news that should likely solve your issue, look for “Show News in Hub” and disable it: General

EDIT: I’m not sure what you mean then, if you disabled it there shouldn’t be a connecting screen. Mind you send me a screenshot in PM?

This remains to be seen whether this is due to the hub. Would you send me any freeze dump? Please create your own topic as this is not related to the hub topic per se. Thank you for your help!

Thank you Armand, but how to PM? Clicking on your avatr shows no PM or message button… or am I missing something? I made a lot of screen shots and have apple genrated crash report to send you.

@bvebyz please try now, your forum permissions have been updated.

Actually, like it was in C12.

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In this Thread, to bypass recurring access to the Hub when you want to move from one project to another, I suggested that we add an option in the preferences allowing you to open only one project at a time rather than the current Open Command from the File menu which allows you to open several projects at once. But I don’t think Steinberg will want to go in that direction, because the Hub seems like a must-have for them. So we’ll have to deal with this one.

An even simpler option would be to add an item to the File menu regarding project opening. “Open Single Project”. So, when you are in a project and you want to open another project, you select this item which would result in closing the current project and opening the requested project, but Steinberg will probably not consider such an avenue and will have surely all the arguments for not considering such an option.

I’m repeating myself, but the Hub seems to have become essential and as it seems to suit the majority of users, we can consider it the norm.

When we are forced to adapt, we simply adapt…

The Hub is not a must-have. A must-have is to create new preferences only if needed because we already have too many. I will discuss your idea of allowing an “exclusive project mode” preference in Cubase.

Another inconvenience is when you drag and drop project from explorer/finder to the hub it doesen’t close.

Correct, it is a known issue.

Please consider this idea. I understand that adding preferences may not be the best solution given everything that already exists in this dialog. If this were not possible, could you also discuss possibly adding an item to the Menu File, something like “Open Single Project” or something, with the behavior I previously described.

@Armand, I’m curious, you have a French name, would you be from France or from a French-speaking region like Quebec for example?

I disliked the system in C12, so I appreciate the attempt to fix it. However, I still have two issues with the current design which may seem trite but which pretty much undo any forward progress.

  1. When you open Cubase, the list of most recently used CPRs should be available in the main hub window. No extra clicking. I open -existing- CPRs to keep working on them far more often than any of the ‘create new’ options.

  2. I think that when you close all open CPRs, the Hub should come back into focus. It doesn’t. Again, another click is necessary to bring it ‘forward’ to open another CPR.

I hope both these tiny changes can be implemented as I think they would make Cubase ‘work’ like most Windows apps (eg. Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office)

Unless I’m reading you very wrong, this is exactly how the hub works. At least on my computer!




In my defense, I’m one of those unfortunates for whom Cubase crashes on exit so routinely that I did not realise that the Hub is supposed to save the tab setting.

On the positive side, the functionality is correct (good.) But I kinda stand by my request in that the -design- is (sorry guys) so rough.

So much work went into standardising the behaviours and look of the GUI it makes the Hub stick out even more like a sore thumb. ie. the more they try to make it look ‘cool’ the less usable it is. The whole thing looks like a bad HTML page. All the giant icons and project titles are distracting.

Just a simple list of recent projects, please.

And for the love of Goethe, with all yer programming knowledge, can’t you guys -please- figure out how to save these kinds of settings as one goes… ie outside of the shutdown sequence?

Which is pretty much standard Windows behaviour.
All I keep seeing here are responses about how weird this idea is and how Cubase has gone back to Windows standard behaviour etc.
Maybe I’m just reading everything wrong but this is standard Windows behaviour, it’s exactly what we’re used to with almost all Windows software, including MS’s own stuff.
I still haven’t upgraded to 13 so maybe I should stay out of the argument but from what I can see in screenshots and comments, the way Cubase windows work is still far from standard Windows behaviour.


I have answered this argument above. This is comparing apples and oranges. Unlike the applications mentioned here, Cubase is not a regular multi-document application, it’s a toolbox and goes beyond this use case. Some people open Cubase and open just a MixConsole, some will open several instances of MediaBay, some will open Libaries. All of this is currently possible with the current implementation without a single click more than in the previous one. If we make it a standard to open a background picture of an unusable project then we are ruling out people who happen to want to open something else. On top of this this background will add loading overhead and provide less features and shortcuts than the current hub.

That being said, I must say that as far as I’m concerned when I open Microsoft Office apps on my computer I end up in a hub-like start-up page that shows me recent files, templates, open others and not an empty document, exactly like in Cubase. Same goes for Visual Studio.

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Apples and oranges? Not really. We just get used to doing things a certain way. It’s more like 90% of Windows software are apples, 9% are oranges and Cubase is a pear.
I agree none of this is really a big deal and doesn’t hinder the ability to get work done but you should understand how irritating it can become.
I am maybe unusual, I use a sh*t load of software daily, not just music related.
I spend most of my day sitting at a computer and almost all software works in a similar way, we just get used to doing things that way.
Then along comes Cubase which does everything differently and the response is 'we’re using standard behaviour" … but you aren’t.
Like I say, not a work killer but it does get a bit annoying.


Microsoft Office suite behaves very similarly on my computer, for they all prompt a hub with similar options than in Cubase. Although I believe they are not of the same breed of application I am unsure to understand the argument in itself that was mentioned several times on this thread. Prompting a hub at the start-up of applications on Windows is not atypical and rather common, at least for Microsoft applications.

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