Regression: Allow disabling of 'Hub' in Cubase 13

Hi Rene,

yes in itself the “open project exclusively” use case is relevant from a usability pov. I am not the only one deciding about this area but I have documented this as a Feature Request in our backlog.


If Cubase opened an empty project at startup that would be a nightmare scenario for me.

As long as it’s just an option so that the very vocal minority can have their way, go for it.


Most Ms applications and other Windows software that I’ve ever used will have an option to completely disable the hub (or splash screen whatever we want to call it) and either start with a blank project or empty, as did all the older versions of Cubase SX and the like.
My only argument here is the one that says Cubase is using normal Windows behaviour, I’m arguing it isn’t and versions 8 to 12 were far from it.
Either way, I’ll stay out of the argument for now as I can’t really comment on 13, I’ve not yet tried it, may turn out I actually like it, although looking at the screenshots I’m not convinced yet :slight_smile:

Except it is normal Windows behavior to use a hub-like Window (not a splash screen). Both approaches are commonly used by different programs. As has been pointed out above MS-Office uses the hub approach & you can’t get more Windowey than that.

As someone who kind of stirred the pot here, I’m surprised this keeps going around in circles. Armand has told us they understand the concerns of the non-hubbers (mostly that it hangs around when not needed) and they will take action to mitigate the issue, but that future solution will be built around a hub and not Project Window model - which is very much Windows compliant.

Ok, fair enough, I’ll be more specific. It is normal behaviour to have the option to start with a blank new project or an empty project on most Windows software. I’m more than happy for things to work this way, it’s what I’m used to.
My comments are mostly based around the following.

Since I made my Project Window post more details have emerged, sprinkled throughout the thread, that put a different light on what’s occurring and I think make this very easy to resolve. I want to summarize them in one place here.

Let’s assume every Project in this example only has a single Project Window open, just to keep it simple.

Currently if I have a Project open and then close the Project but not Cubase the Hub will pop open. If I then use the Hub to open a different Project, that Project will open and the Hub Window closes.

There is nothing wrong with this behavior at all. The problem was I had never witnessed this behavior a single time. That’s because it turns out if you open this second Project in any other manner (e.g. double+clicking a .cpr file, using the Windows recent file list, or even the File menu on the Hub’s own Window), if you use any of these means to open the Project the Hub remains open.

Even if you close the Hub it reappears again and again & again when changing Projects. It’s like a vampire window that you can never kill, because it keeps springing back to life.

The easy fix is to make all the other methods for launching a Project work the same as launching it from the Hub.

The phone calls are coming from inside the DAW…


Thanks for the explanation. I have read through this thread but didn’t quite catch that. I still get a feeling I’ll stick by my argument for different reasons but I’ll butt out for now until I’ve had time to mess around with 13.

That’s true and that’s exactly what we tried to solve now for Cubase 13 which stays much closer to what MS does.

In the sense that the hub should also close as soon as you open / create a project from the File menu entry, that’s what you mean, correct?

The hub should only be open if nothing else (like a project) is or when the user summons it.

Armand, while you’re looking at the hub:

I am still on C12 and I use the hub without news. It is called “Project Assistant”.
It iritates me that I cannot navigate all items in the dialog, especially the buttons on the bottom with the keyboard. I am forced to use the mouse to operate this dialog.
If this has been changed for C13 already then please disregard this message.

  • In Windows dialogs you usually have a default button (the action is being carried out if you only press the Enter key). This is not the case in this assistant.
  • In Windows it is normal to be able to navigate dialog items with the cursor keys and the (Shift+)Tab key. The cursor keys will work on the upper section but there is not Tab support so one cannot navigate the buttons at the bottom.
  • The assistant remembers the last template that was chosen and auto-selects it. So if I always use the same template I should, as per Windows standard, only need to press the Enter key after opening this dialog. It is not working this way, unfortunately.

Yes. If the Hub starts off closed it should only open itself until another Project gets opened, independent of how that Project gets opened.

I almost always use the Windows Recent Files lists to open most things including Cubase Projects so it seemed like there was no way to make the Hub go away.

Yes! The hub’s behaviour should be consistent regardless of what method is used to open a project, and it should always disappear when a project is opened.

One other point: When all projects are closed the hub reappears with the ‘Close Cubase’ button on the lower right, unless there is still a global window open (the performance meter, in our case), in which case the button on the lower right shows ‘Cancel’. It shouldn’t be necessary to close global windows to get the ‘Close Cubase’ button to appear if all projects are already closed.

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I am backlogging this for a future maintenance update.


I will see whether we generally bring an extra Quit Cubase button in the hub. Thanks for your idea.


Thanks Armand!

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The issue for us is how to disable the pester screen when closing Cubase 13.
Thank you also for the other replies.
We wonder why not just restore the ‘Use Hub’. button. Keep everyone happy. :slight_smile:

Because the float menu bar on the PC version was a pain in the rear for many customers.
And if you wonder what a mneu bar has to do with the hub kindly read this thread and, if necessary, the other threads about this topic.
Its been discussed and explained extensively already.


Steinberg has deliberately moved away from the old non-standard top-level window behaviour on Windows in Cubase/Nuendo 13. This means any solution is not as simple as bringing back previous behaviour - it is a positive change that Cubase/Nuendo 13 more closely follows Windows norms.

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Hi everyone,

In the 13.0.20 the hub is now minimizable.

The following changes are under test for an upcoming version:

  • Quit the application is always available in the hub
  • Hub automatically closes itself when opening new projects, no matter from which source

Enjoy your DAW