regression for the new look CR

thought i would change the title as steinberg did to one of my topics early … for the truth of the control room skip the first post

even thou it introduces latency in to the mix the more you add i would just like to take the chance and thank steinberg for an updated control room ,

Im running :
Two pairs of monitors
Two auxiliary players via spdif
More importantly 3 different external recorders ( which i prefer instead of differing )via cue mixes,two digital ,one analog
With the chance of putting Inserts on absolutely every possible output (a bit OTT really ) and scope for humongous amounts more .

To be honest ive never had so much control over my controls ( :open_mouth: ) and never used the CR before

so i thank you steinberg so i can forgive you a little bit for the completely bugged out mixer ,its not all lost (yet) :wink:

ive never needed to use it before but now ive moved more towards digital daw based recording im loving it so i couldn’t even comment on the previous versions of the CR , so what have they fucked up in c7’s version then ?

first time ive dived into the c6 control room and i must admit it took less than 2 minutes to set everything up and there doesn’t seem to be any latency issues like c7 but i do like the way its set out in c7 its seems as thou its apart of the console and not just a small floating mixer :wink:

edit :
i certainly will bredo
i’ll be using c6 most of the day tomorrow so ive setup everything in the control room and give it a spin, even just opening the CR up in c6 seems more stable :wink:

right ive been using 6.5 today and i keep forgetting how stable it feels compared to c7 and the response to every thing feels more solid ’
ive tried the control room and i see why you like it over the c7 control room , it’s straight forward to set up ,and it’s straight to the point functionality wise which is the way you want it ,no sense clicking and most of all there is no latency at all from what i can make out , how the hell have i ever survived without it :wink:

The way the c7 CR is set out i love and the fact that it’s integrated with the mixer and visually it looks the part but after trying the c6 CR i kind of agree with you the functionality of it is a lot more straight forward…

yep the c7 control room functionality wise has completely regressed and includes added latency

BTW i posted a thread on here early " try the bugs before you bug " which was kindly renamed and locked by a mod :astonished: :astonished: i wonder why that was :wink:

The control room mixer in C7 follows the same strange workflow guidelines like Mix Console. Both work and look fancy while providing less overview/introducing much more clicking to get anything done :imp:

Took a bit of getting used to but I much prefer the new CR. I can do far more with it than in 6.5. I use it combined with the MixConsole thus avoiding lots of little boxes everywhere.

I get the feeling that many Cubase users are very conservative and find change hard to handle. I am now totally into C7 and find I can no longer use 6.5.

i was heading that way off total integration with c7 but don’t you find c7’s introduces latency ?