Regression? or am I just forgetful?

Prior to updating to Dorico 5.1, I am pretty sure I could double click on a time signature (e.g., 7/8) to bring up a popover (not sure that’s the right term) to then edit it. e.g., to enter “[2+2+2+1]/8” to get the desired note grouping.
Is there a different way to accomplish this task? (yes, I found shift+m works… but why did double click stop working?)

edit I just noticed I also can’t double click on a tempo to edit it…

edit 2 perhaps there’s a (new?) mode to control such double click behavior?

Doubling clicking still works for me. You can also press Enter. I don’t think anything has changed.

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Thx, @benwiggy – rebooted and working for me again… though, I notice it is possible to double click too fast and it not register (both on macbook track pad as well as w/ mouse).

I’ll have to see if I notice the same in other apps… e.g., perhaps it was a MacOS update… or perhaps I’ve just got too much caffeine onboard today.