Regrouping triplets

I want to re group the patterns shown in first bar to look like the second bar. I see that you can delete the triplet notation (selecting the ‘6’ and hit delete) and redo 3:2 triplet on the 6 quarter notes to achieve correct grouping as shown in second bar. But when done in the middle of a big piece, it moves around a lot of things and causes me worry. I can use an insert mode ‘stop’ (alt shift I) to avoid editing things beyond certain point, but that ends up losing notes when I delete the triplet. What is the easiest/recommended way of doing this? I was hoping for something like a re-transcribe where I just select the first bar and hit a button for Dorico to make the correction automatically in-place, based on current time signature

I don’t think retranscribe would work here. Presumably you would be working on a copy of your file and doing it (with insert) one or two measures at a time.

(I just had to do something along these lines this morning. Fortunately the passage was not too long or complex.)

It takes a leap of faith, but just using Insert mode (I) works! Switch on Insert. Delete the tuplet and everything shifts alarmingly. Add back the new tuplets and order is restored. Experiment and see what works.

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Or add a general “split in half” command that works on other objects as well?