Regular crashes when opening and closing projects


I was wondering if there were many others out there experiencing the same thing: Cubase 8 works mostly as expected, with its share of manageable bugs and issues. One thing that is constantly wasting precious time is constant crashes when opening a project immediately after closing another one. I can’t reproduce it with 100% accuracy, but it’s become such a regular behavior that I instinctively quit and relaunch Cubase in order to switch projects.

It often happens also when creating new projects from a template immediately after closing another one.

The projects I work with mostly use many tracks but only a couple of plugins: two VEP server instances, with maybe a Play instance in some occasions. Dozens of MIDI tracks, no audio tracks at all. Many projects have a video track, which has a single audio track extracted from it, but that’s mostly it.

I can’t upgrade to 8.0.5 mid-project to see if this has been fixed, but it’s not listed in the “fixed issues” thread.

I’m not having your issue but I read somewhere in our forum that if you wait (maybe (5) seconds) after closing and before opening another project the crashes will be reduced. Actually, I think the idea came from a post that was discussing how to stop/minimize crashes when closing CB. Regardless, give it a try. Can’t hurt. :wink:

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Thanks a lot, I’ll try that. BTW, I’m on OSX so I’m not surprised you’re not having these issues… Completely different beast :slight_smile:

Have a look for the log files - remove the current and last plugins loaded - or what channel was being loaded and disable/remove the plugins on that.

Thank you, but I have no idea on where to find the log files…

BTW, the 5 second wait doesn’t do it for me it seems… Even 10 :slight_smile:


Regards :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t know - don’t know much about macs these days.

Just a precision: this regular crashing also sometimes happens after closing a project and selecting “File > Open”, without the file selection dialog even appearing.

In my this is also happening. I have a MacPro Xeon 6 core 16gb ram, Yosemite 10.10.2, so I think it is a bug Cubase same.
As the wait for 5 seconds, okay we can help doing this. But this is not right, the correct is stop these annoying bugs.

I too am finding it very difficult to keep going with Cubase 8, plagued by frequent crashes, and bug issues like incompatibility with the Motif VST. Yesterday I created a simple project from scratch in Cubase 8 three audio tracks, and two midi tracks, using an external module (XV5080) and a Kontakt V instrument. When I tried to load to load the project today it crashes every time. It seems to happen at the point of displaying the windows, after the VST modules have loaded… It feels like an issue with Kontakt V or with graphic display. Fortunately, in this case, the project will run under 7.5 so I have been able to complete. When I try to open the finished 7.5 file with Cubase 8, it crashes again.

Over the last month I have had repeated similar issues, and, with the realisation that I’ve spent more time trying to evaluate problems and issues than being creative, I’m thinking about giving up the struggle to adopt Cubase 8. I’ve used Cubase since about 1993 and this is the first time I’ve really regretted an upgrade.

If anyone has some suggestions for establishing the cause, it would be gratefully received.

After a day spent with 8.0.10 this issue seems to have been resolved, at least on my system.

EDIT: Ahem, after two days it seems to have not :slight_smile: Particularly when closing large projects and opening new ones.

Hello Altostratus, could you please share how you get it fix?



Hello Altostratus, could you please share how you get it fix?