Rehearsal display


I started evaluating Dorico and I’m quite happy with the result so far.
Is it possible to display a line like this notation? (blue line on the attached image)
I searched the option panel and seen circle, square but no line option to do this.


Repeats (especially repeat endings) are not yet fully implemented. What you desire cannot be done yet (without a work-around) but is planned for the future.

Repeat ending lines will, unless a disaster befalls us, be implemented in the next update, though I’m afraid they will not yet play back.

Thanks for the answer. I’m not interested in playback mode for now, just the editing part so it’s good to know.

It would be nice to be able to add sequences too, like 1-3 instead of only one number.

Yes, don’t worry: as with everything we implement in Dorico, we have plans to make the implementation both very flexible and also simple to work with. Once we’re a bit further into the implementation of repeat endings I’ll be able to share more information.

Will “Segno” “DaCapo” “Coda” also be included in the next update along with repeats ? Or is these separate topics/features ?


Those are separate, I’m afraid, but at least you can pretty easily create them using Shift+X text at the moment. If you’re not sure where to get the segno and coda symbols from, you can copy and paste them from here. Be sure to change the character style (the menu at the top right-hand corner of the text editing popover) to Music text to be sure of using the correct Bravura Text font for these characters.

Thanks Daniel.
I have used that trick to do Segno/Coda combinations. Just looking forward to “the real thing”.

Is there a way to indent the staff where Coda begins ? Or do you have to place Coda in a separate flow to do that?

Just a question: no problem with using Shift-X for these instances, but: Can I make them display „systemwide“, i. e. in all parts, if I input them once in the score?

I put them in as a tempo setting (Shift+T). Copy paste the symbols in the popover. This makes them system wide. You probably have to do a little bit of tweeking in engrave mode to place them over a barline (if thats where you want them).

I think the only way to do this is to use tempo text. I do that a lot, but make sure you verify in properties that the tempo has not changed. While you can hide the metronome mark, it will still affect tempo.

Thank you ktveit and Claude,
I will use Tempo text of course.

Has there been any update on the question regarding, "Is there a way to indent the staff where Coda begins ? Or do you have to place Coda in a separate flow to do that?"

  1. Go to Engrave mode
  2. Enable note spacing
  3. Move the big move squares on either side, using alt+arrow

Thank you so much, andgle. The next logical question is, is this documented somewhere?
Tony Ventura

and here:

This is incredible. Thank you again, andgle.
Tony Ventura