Rehearsal Mark and Double Bar line position

I know this is very, very, very minute… Probably ridiculous to bring up…

But when you have a double bar line that coincides with a rehearsal mark… The center of the rehearsal mark aligns with the left line of the double bar line. Shouldn’t it align with the center of the 2 bar lines?

I know that this is super small in detail, but in reviewing a lot of the music I have been inputting into Dorico, I am noticing the slight off placement.


the same problem with repetition barlines. Rehearsal marks appear off-center.

Yes, I agree this is not quite right. We’ll try to take care of this as soon as possible.

Like I said, Daniel, this is very minute. But the fact that you guys take this effort and care, is extremely comforting. I am glad I am a part of this. I only see great things ahead!