Rehearsal mark centred in bar underneath score?

Hi all,
I have a full score where my bar numbers are below the score on every bar, centred in the bar. I’m using bar numbers as rehearsal marks and want these to appear in the same location as the bar number they replace - centred in the bar under the score (effectively putting a box around the bar number). I can put them under the score and hide the original bar number but can’t find a way to centre them.
Any ideas?


Can’t you just put a rectangle around the Bar Numbers instead?


Won’t that just change every bar number to have a rectangle?

Ah, yes, That’s what I thought you wanted. Don’t think there is an option to center rehearsal marks.


It sounds like you’re a (former) Finale user. There is a long obsolete method of transforming measure numbers into rehearsal marks. I may not understand what you’re after, but I urge you to follow modern practice - measure numbers below the lowest staff and rehearsal marks at top of score, and possibly mid score as well.

Just looks cleaner to me to have them there! It’s not a big issue but would be nice to have it implemented. Any reason it’s preferable to have them top and mid instead?

My observation is that in genres where each bar is numbered in the parts, rehearsal marks only serve as structural landmarks: any bar can serve as a start point (whether rehearsing or recording) and no time is wasted. For that matter, film music rarely uses rehearsal marks at all, but every bar is numbered in all layouts.

In music where the bar numbers in the parts are only at the starts of systems, the conductor ideally makes sure they’re calling out rehearsal marks. If they have to hunt along the bottom of the score for the specific bar number that has a box around it, that wastes time. If they call a bar number that isn’t a rehearsal mark, the players then have to count along from the start of a system to find the right bar. That wastes time.

Putting rehearsal marks at the top (and midway down, if it’s a big orchestral score) saves time.