Rehearsal Mark Icon in Write Mode Right Panel

Just curious why, in Dorico 4, the Rehearsal Mark icon was removed from the right panel in Write Mode. It’s easy enough to add rehearsal marks with Shift-A, of course, but over the years I got into the habit of clicking the Rehearsal Mark icon in the right panel instead, so now I have to break that habit.

It’s now shown in the popovers “layer” of the notations toolbox: click the little keyboard icon at the top of the notations panel, and you’ll see it in its familiar place once more.

You can find updated documentation of the Notations toolbox here.

Aha! Very clever. Thanks, Daniel and Lillie. I do miss the ability in the panels layer, though, to close the panel by clicking anywhere below the bottom icon. Now you have to close it by clicking on the active icon. No biggie, but the old behavior was kind of nice.

I’m really enjoying all of the new features and improvements in Dorico 4. Congratulations to the entire Dorico team for what you’ve achieved.

You can also use the key command Ctrl/Cmd-9 to hide/show the right zone.