Rehearsal mark moved in part moves in score too

I go to a part, set “local properties” to “locally”, in order to fix the position of a rehearsal mark in the part.

Somehow if I move it in the part, it still moves in the score as well. I assumed it was supposed not to, since I set “locally”.

What I need to do it is fix the position of a rehearsal mark in a part and leave it as it is in the score.

and the same is happening for other objects, texts, etc etc…I can’t get my head around this.

System-attached items like rehearsal marks, tempos, and system-attached text cannot have their properties propagated between layouts in the same way as staff-attached items, because there is an extra level of data that in general differs between layouts, describing which instance of an item the values apply to (since system-attached items can appear in multiple positions vertically in a layout, and each instance has separate properties for position).

Thanks for your help @dspreadbury ,
So how would you suggest fixing some of the objects positions in parts without affecting the score, if these objects are system rather than staff attached ?

When you say “fix”, do you mean “repair” or “set in stone”? You can move any system-attached item in a layout in Engrave mode safe in the knowledge that it will only affect the layout you’re editing.

That’s the problem I’m having, if I move the rehearsal mark in the vibraphone part, it also moves in the full score, and that’s not what I want.

By move I don’t mean placing it elsewhere (e.g. different bar or beat) obviously, but I mean fixing its graphic position.

How do I do that?

Hmm. Make sure Set local properties is set to Locally, and that should do it.

Thanks @Daniel, it is set to “locally” but things move regardless and I can’t seem to understand the rationale.
It thought it was the equivalent of Sibelius’ ability to move objects in the parts without affecting the score, but I’m not achieving the same result for some reason

Perhaps you could attach the project itself together with details of how to reproduce the problem? Cut it down to just a few bars sufficient to reproduce the problem, and upload it here.