Rehearsal Mark size when changing space size

I am working on a beginning music text which has music examples that I created in Dorico.

The idea is that the first 10 chapters (sections) of the book will have music that is LARGE and will gradually decrease over the 10 chapters to the final ‘normal’ size of music that will be used through the remainder of the text.

When I change the staff size, rightfully so, the rehearsal mark compensates and also gets larger. 99% of the time this would be my requested behavior. However, I would like to keep the rehearsal mark consistent in size from chapter to chapter (it will help save some room on the page). Is there a way to force the rehearsal mark to stay a consistent size?


Set the Rehearsal Marks font size to be Absolute rather than Staff-relative.

I tried this and it doesn’t seem to work in the sense that I want it to. This was my first thought, and probably should have mentioned that in the original post.

Changing to Absolute Size, does in fact change the number size, but keeps the rehearsal mark box the same size, or similar in size (or at least from what I can tell, a very small change).

Is there something else I am missing?


Use different layouts for the different sized chapters in your book with the hope that you can customize the various layouts differently? Just a thought.

Right, I can see what’s happening here. When Dorico is calculating the width of the rehearsal mark enclosure, it’s using the prevailing space size rather than the space size relative to the absolute size of the rehearsal mark font style. I can’t think of a good way around that, but it’s not really ideal and I have made a note of it as something that we should address in future.


Thank you Daniel for this insight. I appreciate you taking the time to look into this.

On a small side note, I would like to express how HAPPY I am with Dorico. As mentioned before in other threads, I do engraving work for a small music publisher catering to beginning percussion music and teaching materials. The flagship product is an educational text that has been published for over 20 years now. With Dorico, we are updating the book. This no small feat. With Dorico and Affinity Publisher, I am able to recreate the book (in my humble opinion) much better than before. The music looks FANTASTIC! And the graphic functionality is INCREDIBLE! I have the graphic slice, and even if changes need to be made, they happen fast and look great. And the fact that the graphic frame is there through all of this, allows for extremely quick export. I can make a lot of changes in minutes that other software would have taken me possibly hours. I couldn’t be happier with how well everything is running, and how smoothly this entire process is using Dorico.

I always talk about how happy and impressed I am… and this is just one more tip of the hat to you and the team!



I’m very glad to hear it, Robby. Thanks for taking the time to express your appreciation. I and others in the team in turn really appreciate it.