Rehearsal Marking? Independent Font size for PARTS vs FULL SCORE

Is there a way one can control the font size for say a piano score that is independent of the engraving font size currently being used for the full score?

Right now, my rehearsal marks are taking up too much space on my piano part and I would like to adjust the size but without this interfering with my piano part.

Thanks again for any thoughts to whether this is possible.


No there is not a way by changing the font-size separately.
But you can scale the rehearsal marks in your score.
Select one rehearsal mark and do a ctrl(cmd)+Shift+A.
Then all marks are selected.
From within the bottom panel you can change the scale (and position) of the rehearsla marks.


Thank you, Jan!

What a great suggestion. Yes, of course, the custom scale in the control panel was a wonderful solution!

Much appreciated.