Rehearsal marks above specific systems

I’m working on a large orchestral score, and using rehearsal marks as numbers (e.g. section 1 is displayed as a 1 in a box).

Right now, the rehearsal mark only appears above the topmost stave. But I’d like it to appear above the winds systems, the brass systems, the perc systems, and the strings systems. How do I do that?

Off the top of my head I think it’s in Layout Options>Staves and Systems>System Objects

Yes, rehearsal marks are system objects – more info here

Thanks @Lillie_Harris. That’s partially helpful, but slightly incomplete. That link you sent says this at the bottom:

You can change the instrument families above which system objects appear in each layout independently, for example, if you want rehearsal marks to appear at multiple vertical positions in each system in the full score only.

But it doesn’t say HOW you can change what instrument families above which system objects appear. :slight_smile: It would be great to add that to that page in the documentation.

(As a side note, I encounter this problem frequently with the Dorico documentation. Sometimes it reads like a dictionary definition, but what I’m hoping to find is how to actually do it in Dorico, and that is not mentioned or even linked. Hopefully I didn’t miss it right under my nose…then I’ll feel pretty silly.)

Yes that’s right, our documentation is separated so that information about stuff is on one type of page, and instructions for how to do specific things are on another type of page.

So at the bottom of that page, you should see a link to a page with the title: Changing the positions of system objects

And that’s where you’ll find instructions for how to do what the title says. For system objects, this is quite handy in that there are multiple pages, one for each type of item that’s under the “system object” umbrella just for comprehensiveness, but all of them then link to the same, single page with the steps relevant to all. Should those instructions change, we only need to update that one place, and all information will be correct.

Edit: Related links are not infallible, so if you ever come across a page that is suggesting you can do something and you would expect that those instructions exist somewhere, but there isn’t a related link at the bottom, please let me know! There’s always a chance I’ve just not added it.

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