Rehearsal Marks below Tempo

Am I going nuts or is it not possible to have Tempo indications above Rehearsal Marks by default? I have some that are colliding and don’t want to drag every rehearsal mark in every part below the tempo.

The easiest thing for me to do currently is place an appropriate system break so that the rehearsal mark happens after the text?

No, it is assumed that tempos will be moved to the right of rehearsal marks, rather than appearing either above or below them.

So in my case - where I have several groups of multi-bar rests (separated by rehearsal marks) in the first system and a tempo indication that extends over two of the rehearsal marks - the easiest thing I can do is manually drag the items or place a system break so that there’s no rehearsal marks colliding?

Yes, I guess so. Dorico in theory makes multi-bar rests wide enough to accommodate tempo marks if they would otherwise collide, but I guess this doesn’t work quite as expected when there are rehearsal marks involved at both ends.