Rehearsal marks: Distance to clef when at start of system


I just noticed a little something:

When you select the option to have rehearsal marks that fall at the first bar of a system to left-align with the system, the spacing options don’t make too much sense: The vertical position of the rehearsal mark is only governed by the “Minimal distance to staff”, completely ignoring the “Minimal distance to other objects” (i.e. the clef).

This can lead to rehearsal marks touching or even overlapping clefs, while the settings are perfectly fine for everything else within the score. It would be nice if the clef at the beginning of a system would count as “other objects”.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


For boring technical reasons that is difficult to achieve (the items in the preamble at the start of the system do not participate in any of Dorico’s collision avoidance routines) which is why we have e.g. different vertical gap values for bar numbers at the start of the system relative to different clefs. I guess at some stage we will have to add something similar for rehearsal marks.

Yeah, I guessed as much.

I just came across this because in a quite dense setting I wanted regular rehearsal marks to be as close to the music as possible, and then those fellas at the beginninng of the systems started overlapping with the clef.

Thanks for considering the topic in the future.