Rehearsal Marks index

It seems that Dorico can’t handle more than 2 digits in the rehearsal Marks index, meaning that it is no more possible to skip numbers after rehearsal mark 100. One can still add new marks, but only consecutively.
This is not only of academic interest - in opera scores, rehearsal marks are plentiful, and when arranging operas (which often includes reducing length), it’s necessary to adjust the rehearsal marks according to existing full and vocal scores.
Any hope that this could be fixed soon?

Yes, it should be possible to allow a higher maximum limit on the number you provide in this spinbox. Would 999 be sufficiently high?

I have not checked what Dorico does with Rehearsal marks yet … but it is possible to use letters and numbers at the same time?
It is possible to have A01, A02 etc.?

999 would certainly serve most cases well :wink:
Thank you!

At the moment, our sequences use either letters or numbers, but of course it would be possible to add further rehearsal mark schemes in the future if there are other types that are in common usage.

I think it would be most useful to be able to type in some free text. I like to use A, AB, AC, AD…D,DB…and at the moment I can get through the Cs using the 0-99 index but can’t get into the Ds. Best, Michael

While 999 would probably cover the vast majority of cases, I could see certain pieces that would need more. Say, a very long opera that uses running rehearsal marks as often as The Rite of Spring does.