Rehearsal marks problem for instruments with no key sig

Hi all,

my apologies if this already has been posted.

The RM:s are out of position in the horn part, set to show to the right of clef and key sig.

RM:s set to left-aligned with systemic barline, horizontal offset 4 spaces to not interfere with the bar number. Bar number gone in the horn.

Seems like a bug to me. Can you reproduce this?

If I set barnumbers to not show in the layout settings, I get the same in both parts – but I would like to show the barnumbers.

It seems to be working fine for me:

You do have Layout Options/Bar Numbers/Showing and Hiding/Show bar numbers at rehearsal marks checked in the Horn layout, right? If I uncheck that they don’t show as in your example.

I think the bar numbers are slightly overlapping where the rehearsal marks would go. Try lowering the bar number font size slightly in Engrave → Paragraph Styles → Bar numbers (parts)

YES! Of course, that’s it.
Thank you. Somehow I missed changing this in the Horn layout.

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Good, thank you! Going down 0,5 pt solves this. As long as the total count is less than 4 digits it will be fine.