Rehearsal Piano Score

I know I have done this before but for the life of me I cannot get the rehearsal piano part to show up in the piano vocal score.

The rehearsal piano is not on the full score version, and I have definitely created piano reductions this way. Any idea why I cannot see the rehearsal piano part on this?

The tabs along the top show you are viewing the Full Score, not the Piano Vocal.

I realize I was not clear. What I was trying to illustrate is that I am able to have instruments on my piano vocal score that are not on my full score. However, when I remove the rehearsal piano from the full score, it goes away entirely (including the piano vocal score). Any idea why that might be happening? I was trying to illustrate that issue but I can see how that might have been confusing.

This is what I get when I try to remove the rehearsal piano part from the full score:

Here, if you look at this file, You will see I was able to create the score and piano reduction part with instruments that are separated from the full score. Yet for some reason I cannot recreate this and I cannot remember how I did it.

The warning says you’re trying to remove a player from a flow. That’s a very different action than creating a layout with specific players.
Specifically, from the screen shot it shows you have selected a flow (from the lower zone). Select the layout in the right zone instead.

See this to compare operations:


@lafin is right: you were removing the player from the flow, not the layout. Two very different things.


Got it. I figured out was the issue. I had not worked with multiple flows before and see now why I was getting such chaos. Thank you everyone!

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