reinstall cubase 7.5 error

I had an SSD drive. Got full. Bought a new one. Had to delete some stuff off the old SSD in order to make room for the cloning software - it apparently was very full.

So I deleted the Cubase folder - probably not the smartest way to go about it but it water under the bridge now.

Cloned the drive, thought it would be easy to download and reinstall Cubase 7.5 - NOT!

It starts to copy files and then I get a box “The specified account already exists”. Click OK and it references error code 1603. All the other “pieces” I was able to uninstall and reinstall i.e. Halonsonic, Groove Agent, etc.

Can’t uninstall, reinstall, or repair Cubase - same message and error.

What am I missing here?


OM, went to the windows control panel and selected repair vs. repair on the installation menu.

10 seconds later I’m up and running.

Spent several hours on this can’t make this stuff up.