Reinstall Cubase Pro 12

Since I don’t have time to read everything on the forum, I have some questions:

  1. Did anyone reinstall Cubase Pro 12 and if so, which is the best procedure to follow?
  2. After being reinstalled, is this so-called program finally working properly?
  3. Did Mr. Quellmann find the time to apologize to all of us for Steinberg taking our money and delivering an unusable program? Did he bother to offer a time frame for fixing this bad joke? “Creativity First”??!!

I did install and uninstalled C12 and installed new ssd drives then reauthorized C12 without any problem on Windows 10 21H2, all worked great so far.
What is you issue more precisely?

Did you use the Download Assistant “Install again”?

Are you on PC or Mac?
And no sorry I did not need to, as if I had to do this ; I would have probably first de-registered the authorization with the windows control panel and cleanly remove c12 first (assuming I’d need a full reinstall which never happened to me yet).

What is happening for you after reinstallation, where are you stuck?

I didn’t reinstall yet, but I plan to do it pretty soon. At this point I cannot use C12 at all.

Hmmm, I use it everyday and very happy with it so far, ATM what is you exact issue with it?
IF you think you really need to reinstall dont forget to first de-register your license with the SLM.

Crashing when loading ( 8 out of 10). When, by luck, it loads, I can add only one instrument track, and only one MIDI track. It does not remember the audio outputs I’m setting up. And so on. Meanwhile, C11 works fine on the same computer.

Hmm sorry to read that, never had this problem on C12.
Try to send a crash dump to tech support or just attach one here, they reply fairly fast on these issues.

Having the same issue here, Mac Os Catalina 10.15.7, Cubase 12 Pro latest version. No third party plugins. Kept Crashing at startup. Will try Re-install via Steinberg Download Assistant.