Reinstall CUBASE update 11, or CUBASE 11?

I recently upgraded to CUBASE 11 from CUBASE 10.5.
I heard when adding new vst’s, it couldn’t hurt to reinstall CUBASE.

Should i reinstall CUBASE 11 update, or install CUBASE 11?
Many thanks for any info.

Where did you hear this? It is not true.

I don’t know.
Maybe i got my wires crossed.
I remember reading or watching a video somewhere that said reinstalling CUBASE can resolve some problems with third party VST.
Maybe i am wrong.
Do you know if i should reinstall CUBASE 11 or CUBASE 11 update?
I installed 11 update, coming from 10.5 originally.
I just don’t know what version to reinstall.
Many thanks for any info.