Reinstall Dorico 5 after upgrade to 5.1


How can I reinstall Dorico 5 after an upgrade to 5.1? Dorico 5.1 playback does not work well with my sound libraries (Spitfire and ARIA). It seems that after deleting Dorico 5.1, only Dorico 5.1 can be reinstalled again (or a version below 5).

Thank you.

Can you define the problem with your sound libraries? I use ARIA Player (and Spitfire BBCSO via Noteperformer ) and not had any problems.

I think it would be better to get the problem fixed, and keep 5.1, if possible.

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Hi. Thanks for the quick replay. It keeps hanging when reapplying playback templates… And loading Garritan GPO sounds takes exceptionally long.

Garritan sounds aren’t slow at all for me, so I don’t think this is a “5.1” problem, but something else going on your machine.

Can you create a diagnostic report for the team to have a look at (from the Help menu), and then upload it here?

For the record: what OS are you on? What version of ARIA Player are you using? If you launch the standalone ARIA app, are the sounds slow to load there as well?

Can I also mail it somewhere? I have some security concerns.
I am on a MAC OS 14.0 (x86) and I use ARIA 2.001. ARIA itself shoots up and loads like a rocket (having Dorico and its sounds in the background). The delay really just kicked in with Dorico after the upgrade.

The VSTAudioEngine process uses a lot of resources, but it always did and never caused major problems.

Actually, rebooting improved things. ARIA is still a bit sluggish but on an tolerable level.

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The standard informatics recovery :wink:

I thought we were beyond these days :wink:

I fear we are behind… :slight_smile:

I would update to the latest version of Sonoma, which 14.2.1. The latest Mac version of ARIA is 2.0.26, available here:

(Well, Finale 27.4 includes 2.039…)

The information is just about your Dorico and system setup: nothing that can be used against you!

I’d suggest emailing it to @Ulf , who is the Steinberg Audio expert. His email is u {DOT} stoermer {AT} steinberg {DOT} de
(Tell him what the problem is in the email.)

(Replace the bits in brackets with punctuation!)

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Great, thanks a lot for your efforts! Going to upgrade first and see what happens. And then proceed as recommended—hopefully not necessary. Have a great day (year).

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