Reinstall Elements on a laptop

In June this year I upgraded from Elements 9 to Cubase Pro 9 on my desktop and purchased a USB e-licenser, but recently I have inherited an i7 ASUS laptop from a family member which I would like to use for recording a live local band.
What I would like to do is to uninstall the Elements LE 8 from my PC as I no longer use the software and install Elements LE 8 and the soft e-licenser on this laptop from my account as I would not need the full Pro 9 version for the recordings I am planning? Is this possible?
Possibly upgrade the laptop to Elements 9 full version at a later date if required.


So besides Cubase Pro 9 you have Elements 9 and Elements or LE 8 installed?
Do you own a seperate licence of elements or LE 8? Or did you use it to upgrade to Elements 9 and finally to Pro 9?

copy of LE 8 came with outboard sound card NI:KA6, upgraded to full Elements 9 a month later then to Pro when funds allowed.
Software Tab, Elements 9 disappeared from my account products after Pro upgrade, but LE 8 is still showing
e-Licenser Tab, shows both USB e-licenser for Pro 9 and Soft-eLicenser code for LE 8 but not Elements 9
Downloads Tab, shows LE 8 and Pro 9 available (but no Elements 9).
Still showing Elements 9 and LE 8 on Programs listings on windows 10 start menu, but haven’t run either since Pro upgrade.
Would like to know if I can download and run LE 8 on new laptop legally and if uninstalling LE 8 would affect Pro running.

Sorted, looked up some transferring computers forum posts and found this:
Logged in on new laptop to my profile account and downloaded copy of Elements LE 8 from it, ran setup and installed new eLCC, entered new eLCC number in my profile account for reactivation, got new authorisation code, entered it and down loaded new license, boom, LE8 will only run on my laptop now.